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Thank you for visiting my page! I’d like to tell you about myself, after all, we can’t be strangers working together right? My name is Alexx Gomez. I’m a mom of two sweet little boys and we also have two husky fur babies. Wow our hands are full! I am 100% Filipino. My life consists of my family ( WE HAVE LOTS OF FAMILY ) ,working fulltime, and my business. I love to be funny, make jokes, and break the ice! I hope I don’t come off awkward LOL.  I would have never guessed Gomez Glam would be where it is today! It all started when I was in high school. I was the girl that always got in trouble for always doing her makeup in class, doing my friends makeup for dances just for fun. Shortly after I graduated high school in 2011, I was hired to do makeup for my first wedding, and that lit a new fire in me. I then went to school to become a licensed esthetician. During school, I started working for Ulta Beauty. I enjoyed DOING makeup, sharing my knowledge for skincare, and meeting all the new faces more than I liked being a salesperson. I started doing more freelance work and started taking clients in my in-home studio and that is when I came up with and started branding my name as ‘Gomez Glam’. I decided I wanted to expand the quality of my work and my services. In a short amount of time I took two celebrity makeup artist workshops (iluvsarahii and Dressyourface), got certified in lash lifts and extensions but it wasn’t enough. I have always had OCD with brows, I LOVE brows! I recently got trained and certified for microblading.  

My passion for bridal makeup goes well beyond just doing makeup. It is the importance of the day, that someone would choose me for this special day to help them feel beautiful and to take part in creating a lifelong memory. It’s the unique relationship I get to form with each individual client. And overall, it is the vibe of that particular event, I am naturally a happy person and it’s like being in my natural habitat to be doing makeup on such a wonderful day.

I traveled to a lot of my clients but it became overwhelming and decided it was time to have a home for Gomez Glam. I then rented out a studio  as a trial to see if It was even realistic in our budget because realistically, we are a family of four! Thankfully with the support of my amazing friends, family, and clients I’m so happy and proud to be here. Without you all, my business would not be where it is. SO THANK YOU! And if you read my life in a nutshell, THANK YOU AGAIN and I hope to work with you soon!



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